Saturday, March 3, 2012


So today is Gage's due date, so in honor the day I decided to put pictures on the blog.
This morning Gage wanted to feed more often and be held. I am wondering if he starting a growth spurt. He was more settled in the afternoon. He got a bath today- he is soo cute all bundled in his towel! When he was cold as I was getting him dressed he cried a little- he has saddest sounding cry. He is such a sweet baby. I hardly cries, some days go by without hearing him cry. He looks so much like his dad. I have notice his nose is growing to look more like his dad's, he has the tiniest bit of cleft to his chin like his dad... and he is a sweet heart- just like his dad.

Avi looks so funny in this picture- but the others Gunnar looked strange so I chose poor Avi to suffer... Gunnar got in about 10 pm on Feb 6. We took some family photos and talked, went to bed around midnight, and to the hospital around 2- I had started labor about 1:30 am ish.

I made it so the doctor I did want to deliver was off, and my doctor was in the office! I was glad to have a 'longer' labor. My contractions were never really regular, but I progressed and obviously gave birth. They did break my water and a few hours after that I delivered. I felt excited and mostly comfortable with the epidural, but about and hour or so of transitional labor- I was nauseated- I threw up a bit, even after the anti-nauseous medication, and felt faint. When the pushing contractions his, Gunnar and I sang the chorus to the song "under pressure". I pushed for about five minutes- I felt like giving up before the last push it really felt like he wasn't going to come out! He did have the cord around his neck once- loosely.

Our handsome little Gage Delivered Feb 7- 10:42 am, 6 lbs 10 oz, 18.5". I was so glad he came out crying. I was afraid since he was 36 weeks, he would have serious lung problems. The briefly put him on my stomach to clean him off, then whisked him to the respiratory team to checked out. They took him down to the nursery because he would stop breathing every couple of breaths. I so missed having him with me. I had to wait an hour to go see him. 

Gunnar went down to the nursery with Gage and took this picture, came back up to the room to show me- my heart dropped to see him. Standard procedure is to do C-pap for about an hour to see how they do after that- then they gave surfactant then...
They put him on the ventilator to be ready to transport to the NICU.

Saying good bye. Thankfully the doctor discharged me quickly. Gage left in the afternoon, and I was discharged around 6 pm- though I got off a bit later because I had a panic/anxiety attack... it was a crazy day with no sleep....
Gage at the NICU. When we got there that night it felt so good to be there. I really believe there is a special spirit there. The nurses and doctors are so well trained. I felt relieved to have my baby in good care. We slept in recliners at Gage's bed side. He was so exhausted he 'rode the ventilator' (he would stop breathing and let the machines breath for him) much through the night.
Sonja brought beautiful tulips to celebrate Gage's birth. Avi was so cute smelling them.
A few days later we got to hold him! We had to be very careful- he had an umbilical arterial line in.

Avi and Daren- a year apart and almost the same size!

Gage in Dad's arms.


Hearing test.

Getting ready to go home! Sunday, 12 days after being born. He flew through his care and learning to nurse.

Night before Gunnar left- Tuesday.

Avi's tantrum- I think they are hilarious- she lies down on her stomach and kicks her legs.

Avi always wants to hold Gage.

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