Saturday, March 10, 2012

My little ones

one month old cutest bumble bee
Today was one of those days Gage just mostly slept in his crib. I think he might being going through a growth spurt, because he has slept most of the last two days, and he had just started being up more. I miss my little man, but when I would go to get him to hold him, he would be sleeping so peacefully- so I just let him be.
We went to the pediatrician on Tuesday. Gage weighed in a whopping 8 pounds 12 ounces and had grown an inch so he is 19.5". I am very proud of my growing boy. Avi has a latex sensitivity- really I am amazed at all the allergies this little girl has! I put a band-aid on her last week and she still is red from where it was, I have been putting hydrocortisone cream on and waiting for it to improve. Still working through reoccurring diaper rash and dia a few times a week... she got her blood drawn to test for celiacs on Wednesday- I think I was more traumatized... she got to have a whole sucker after. Poor girl is a little bruised. I thought I would handle it better after watching Gage go through all his IV's but no, I wanted to cry with her.
 Avi loves non-dairy quiche- ya for something that she will eat and contains vegetables. I really enjoyed the french onion soup I made- I promised myself I would learn to make it on our honeymoon (we had it in Epcot) and finally I have made it!
Avi and I have been loving the sunshine. We have gone out the last couple of days to kick  and throw the ball, go down the slide, look at the flowers, hid and seek around the trees, learn to pretend to be an airplane or a bird, chase the cat, look at the flowers, and try to be gentle with them... When Avi hears the birds she says, "tweet, tweet, tweet" and signs 'bird'- though she signs it backwards. She has also recently learned to sign "grandma" and 'beautiful"- she says "pretty pretty" for beautiful.
Gage is a spitter- poor boy it is even through his nose! thankfully is usually not in huge volumes and not projectile, but it is often. We do lots of laundry.
I have learned some things-
-You never know how much a mess cotton balls can be till they get in the hands of your 19 month old.
-My worst postpartum hits about one month in- the exhaustion from the last month culminates, and I get down, and wonder why in the world am I allowed to have children.
-How fussy the oldest child can become in the adjusting time
-cat food can be thought tasty by a toddler
-straws can entertain for a good 20 min.
-relearned, I love the crock pot
-how exhausting it can be to go out with two children- we went in to get Gage put into DEERS for insurance, and took Avi to get her blood drawn the same day- I thought I was going to die after, it took a day and half to recover... may I plead I was on bed rest for 3.5 months??
-How much love you can have for two children!!
-How to make home made baby wipes (shorter cut paper towels are a must!)
-How messy rice can be- and that plain uncooked rice A. can be found delicious by toddler B. will go straight through
-You can never set your heart on going to bed when you plan- it usually ends up two hours later, and count on a crazy middle of the night.

-try to go bed by 8 pm ('try' is the key word), it is a life saver, and I love that I can give Gage 'tummy time' as he lies on me and I take a nap while he and Avi sleep.
-How reasonable it seems to fly over to Afghanistan to swap Gunnar jobs- I have tons of pumped milk in freezer...

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