Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two Day- Two doctors appointment

Yesterday I saw a perinatalogist. My cervix is still about 2.8 :). So we are going to try modified bed rest, and go back in two weeks to see how we are doing. The perinatalogist that was there was not my regular doctor. He did not read my full file and was rather fast in my visit, maybe because they were behind schedule by forty minutes... I ended up calling the perinatalogist I regularly see to ask her a few more questions- she was the one that told me try the modified bed rest... She was explaining modified bed rest-saying I could get up a bit more, but I was to do no house work, no cooking- only simple meal prep. no lifting Avi, and no intercourse- when she said no intercourse-I responded that it would not be a problem, she started to explain that it really was important to not have intercourse- I then reminded her that Gunnar was in Afghanistan. It just made me laugh because I wondered what she thought I was thinking when I said it was not a problem...

Yesterday I made an Adorable Bear hat for Avi- I basically followed the pattern Seriously so cute! I added a small butterfly that was sweet touch to make it more fitting for Avi. It came together really quickly which was fabulous.
I also started on an owl hat for Avi, but today I found I made it too long, so I took out more than half today. I tried out four different patterns for crocheted roses tonight, as I listened to General conference talks- Here is the link for what I think is my favorite of the four.
I had lab work done today-glucose testing and tests for infection- since we saw the eccobowel. And later I had my OB/GYN appointment. I am now 132 with a 26inch belly. Baby's heart rate is good. The funny thing I had a little sinking feeling when I saw 132- that moment of oh no- I am back in the 130's... But really I am pregnant!! and it was not long ago, that I could not believe I had made it below 140 let alone 135 or... It is healthy regular weight gain so far, I just wish half my weight gain didn't go to my love handles, I don't just pop-I thicken when I am pregnant. Like it matters right now anyway!
The Relief Society presidency came to visit me today- They are so sweet!  I was really impressed how quickly they got me visiting teachers and they have come to visit me- and I don't even go to church... maybe that is why...Well, they have been one of the fastest R.S. presidencies to come in and meet and assign visiting teachers that I have had.
Sonja drove us and helped take care of Avi while I did the labs/break/Dr. appointment. I think it was nice for Erin to have a break! She was able to take Jaxon to Trafalga- and she said it was nice to be able to actually be able to do some of activities.
I have been able to talk to Gunnar on the phone three days in a row now- we are on a roll, but I doubt we get to talk tomorrow- three is the longest stretch of consecutive calls I get. I had a spectrum of feeling for him today. I was really missing him earlier. I longed to just have him here, but then later I was feeling numb towards him. I felt like he was kind of fading from me in a way, he just seemed to be this distant figure that I worry about. I think I need to do better on focusing on his good points- I listened to Elder Holland in "How do I Love Thee?" I need to be a better spouse.
Sonja brought Christmas presents from Gunnar's parents for Avi. She was allowed to open one of them, because she can use them this winter- it was a pair of snow boots. We put them on her feet- and to my surprise, she did not like! She had a really hard time standing and tried to get them off-she is use to the light leather/cloth shoes. She'll get use to them... but it was rather funny to see her try to stand. I love her soo much.

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