Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday and this and that

I am very excited- Diana wants one or two cocoons too! I really didn't know if people would buy them, so this is exciting. I am finding out I am not very business oriented- I had not thought about shipping or method of payment- poor Diana is having to deal with me figuring these things out. I hope she- and who she gives them to enjoys them!
When we got my wedding ring we got it just a touch bigger, just in case I got pregnant someday and my fingers would swell. Now I am on my second pregnancy and my poor ring keeps falling off. Oh, well with the way I eat- it is going to pay off having a bigger ring probably faster than I want.
We made it viability!! Things just get better from here! Well, maybe not my strength and soreness... but it is worth it! I was reading posts from other women with incompetent cervix, each had stories of lost. How am I so blessed? I am so thankful I do not have a true incompetent cervix- my has at least enough competence to make this this far.
Yesterday Aliea and I made jewelry. Aliea got a kit for her birthday and used it to make a necklace and I used my stuff to make Avi another bracelet. I made it to go with her Sunday outfit today, but Wayne got her dressed for church and the bracelet didn't happen.
I had the sacrament brought to me! I really appreciated having the opportunity to receive it.
I watched Elder Waddell's talk from the priesthood session. His focus is on missionary work- talking to missionaries and return missionaries. He told return missionaries to think about the lessons they learned on their missions and to apply them to their lives and they still need to be missionaries. On the mission you are so busy doing the Lord's work. I want to be able to use my time wisely and be productive. It is somewhat frustrating on bed rest, but I have been blessed to keep "busy" these last three weeks- they really haven't been too bad. Thankfully though this talk help me think of something I should be doing anyway, but hadn't 'found the time' when I was up- family history! What a great opportunity I have right now to do the Lord's work, from bed. I had my first indexing experience and realized I have a lot of work to do verifying the work what has been done in my family and then I can move on from there.
Mom and Em came over for the primary program today- I extra sad to be not be able to go to church, the Primary program is one of my favorite Sundays of the year. They stayed for dinner and dessert- everything was so good- a little too good ;), I ate a bit too much.
Avi is every learning her routine. Usually when Erin or Wayne come to pick her up to bring her up to bed she starts crying. Now she starts crying when I turn off the lights and say a prayer with her and try to sing to her... Next time I think I leave the lights on.
Avi loves being flipped around. I put her on my legs and lower them, guiding Avi through a flip. She wants to do it again and again, and when I have her on my lap she leans backwards on my legs to go for a flip. Seriously this child is born for tumbling. 

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