Monday, November 14, 2011

Sugar and Insurance- both trouble

I just watched Sugar: The Bitter Truth. Maybe I had a bowl of ice cream as I watched it :). But wow, I really need to cut down on sugar intake- basically he goes through the biochemistry of how fructose is metabolized- and the out come is that it is a poison to your body. And of course the more you eat, the higher propensity you have towards it, and the same goes for if you are pregnant- the more sugar crosses to the baby the higher propensity they have towards it too. Though poor Avi got her dose in the womb, I am so thankful I am being careful with her now. I need to catch up in my habits though- I am so addicted!

Let's see, today I had more trauma with Tri-Care, turns out they put me on the wrong plan- I am suppose to be Prime-remote, I am on Prime, I call they say I am not eligible for either since Gunnar is not living with me- nonsense! Finally I talked to a friend who's husband was recently deployed and she gave me the number to a DEERS facility in UT and I was able to talk to them. I need to Fax in some forms, but hopefully everything goes smoothly and I don't have to keep jumping through their hoops.
We watched a bit if the "The Shaggy Dog" this evening. Avi loved it when they would show the dog. She was so funny, because there would be a shot of the dog, then a shot of a human- when the dog disappeared, she would turn to us with hands up wondering where the dog had gone to, and by the time she turned back around to look at the screen, she missed the next shot of the dog and the shot would be back humans. The movie didn't keep her attention for too long, she got up on the couch and climbed around on me- she was so smiley and adorable.
She has had poops out everyday for the last two months, I called and asked her pediatrician about it, he said to try not giving her milk for about a week, she doesn't drink very much, but we'll try it to see if that makes a difference.
I got to talk to Gunnar today. I am so glad. I was feeling the strain of not talking to him, even though it had only been a day. Poor guy, I might have been a little emotional when he called. I really miss him.

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