Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dr. appointment...

I went to the doctor today. My perinatalogist was not there. I went back down to a 2.8. The cervix is dynamic, but still, going from a 4.5 to a 2.8 in a week and half- ugh. I need to be more careful- I have been doing bed rest, but since my cervix was so long I was sitting up and moving around (crawling around with Avi mostly) more. The important thing is that I am above a 2.5- that is the start of the 'danger zone'. The perinatalogist there said they usually don't do cervical length checks after 24, but she thought I should be monitored. So we will will see what happens next week.
My kind mother has let me borrow her lap top so I can have the internet. The school district just gave them new lap tops and the let the teachers buy their old ones if they wanted to- mom had chosen to do so. What a blessing that I am able to use it!
I got to talk to Gunnar today!! Poor guy was sick yesterday. He was cute because he said it is probably not as bad as being pregnant. I agreed... But sick is not fun. I am glad he is feeling better today.
Avi is loving Erin. I am glad she loves her, and Erin takes good care of her, but it kind of hurts as she doesn't want to come to me more and more. Part of it, is Avi is having a tough time with her sleep, so she is getting grumpy and clingy.
Don't me wrong, Avi still plays with me. It just is a matter of timing. Last night, for FHE we watched "The Zoo Keeper"- I would suggest not watching it. It not worth your time. But Avi loved to see the animals. She got so excited! It was sooo cute!
This morning Avi came toddling into my room- she loves the curtains that separate my room from the hall- easy peek-a-boo. She had her arms up and a huge smile. It really made my day. She would come in and hurry out, and then come back in. I think the best joys come with motherhood.
Last night I finished the third book to "Work and the Glory". I am really enjoying them. It is helping me to get a better visual of where things were at in Church history, as well as bring up things I need to work on- like not murmuring and forgiveness. It has motivated me to start reading the D&C again.

Oh, acid indigestion! I thought it was suppose to wait off till third trimester... I've got my trusty tums, and I am waiting to see if I need to get something more serious to help. It's okay to have four at a time right??

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