Saturday, November 5, 2011

week 22/week 2 of bed rest

Fairy wings at Sonja's
We are now to week 23. One week more to viability!
I met my new doctor this week. I think she is fabulous! If anyone is looking for a good Ob/Gyn in American Fork- I recommend: Dr. Tennille Cloward. I like the office better- they have you label your sample cup- I could not believe the last office didn't, and they would just have you set it on the counter with other cups-Scary!... but really she was so so nice. She listened, and is open to doing regular checks to monitor cervical length. I was impressed and very happy I had changed!!!
Sweet Sonja picked us up and took me to the appointment. She picked up a friend's two little girls, and after the appointment we went to her apartment and had lunch and Avi kind of played with the girls.
Kesten was a lifesaver and brought dinner that night-Aliea was sick, and Erin has a sinus infection. I could not believe how kind Kesten is! It was a great dinner that everyone enjoyed- Avi even had three bowls of pasta!!
Oh, the Dr. Cloward is so good- I asked about getting a physical therapist to come in- bed rest is killer to the body!! The next day I had one come to the house. He did an assesment and we will see if Tricare says it is medically necessary for them to keep coming, but I felt better just from the one visit, at least a little bit, for a little while...
I made Avi a bracelet. She is so cute!! Poor kid still has a bit of a cold, but on the upside for me- she was really cuddly today. The compassionate service leader offered to have the kids come play at her house today for a bit. They said Avi did really well, though she would worry when the kids would switch to another room. After a while she got tired, so she watched football with the dad. When they told Erin this- they were kind of nervous how she would respond- Erin replied that Avi's father would be proud.
We watched "Captain America" tonight. I thought it was fun. I wonder if Gunnar has seen it, I think he would enjoy it. I really liked that the hero was moral. I also thought he was adorable when he was scrawny!
Last night Erin and Wayne went to a seminary dinner so mom came over to baby/invalid sit. She brought us dinner- yum! After the kids were put to bed we watched a "Monk" episode. It is so nice to have family around.
Oh, 22 week visit- I was 129. Up from 125 on the 20 week visit, but I went from flip flops and short sleeves to boots and a sweater, so I think there was about two pounds of clothing. But my tummy is growing! Last night I was sure I was going to wake up with stretch marks!
Well, Gunnar has been gone close to two months, seven more to go. Ugh!
I am on the third Work and the Glory book. In the second the character Lydia has a hard time with her husband being gone a lot- for missions and other things he wants to do for the church. I was glad I was not the only one who has a hard time- though it is fictional... Near the end, he learns he needs to be more aware and caring of his family, and she finds help in D&C 25:14 "...let thy soul delight in thy husband." I have been trying to remember this. I think it is one of those things I should 'needle point on a pillow'... When he is around I have so many more expectations- which can result in well, let's just say I need to do better at delighting in my husband. In the meanwhile I just wish we could talk regularly. I do okay missing a day here and there, but when it goes beyond that I start to go a little crazy.
I should mark out the days we talk and really see. I feel like it is about three times a week, which I feel is not enough. But I am thankful the Lord has answered our prayers and his schedule is allowing him to go to church right now.

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