Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some Avi cuteness and Christmas begins before Thanksgiving

I am feeling behind the times. I found a site which has cute templates for blogs- but I cannot find the "design" button on my blog... to change mine, and on the new ones- which don't require you to find the design button, I keep coming up with an error. Am I doomed to a plain old blog with the basic template??
Avi cuteness:
-She sat in a round floaty and had me throw balls to her, so she sat there with a three balls piled up around her in the floaty.
-She loves to find places that are just the right height for her to sit. The bottom stair is ideal, the front of the treadmill... she even tried the little couch from the doll house, but she found it a bit too small for her.
-She loves the fishy- I think they are vinyls in the play room. She talks about them and loves to touch them. She was climbing over the Fisher Price farm to touch one, and thought it was cool so she was going back and forth (was that yesterday or today?)
-Today she was willing to wear the pilgrims hat from the dress ups. She was so cute! She then put on another hat that covered her whole head, and the silly girl went walking around until she hit into the wall. She is so funny like that, she put clothes over her head, or whatever and walk around until she hits into something, sometimes repeatedly! (maybe once I was laughing too hard to stop her from doing it more than once...)
-Tonight we had pizza and grapes. I had picked off the sun dried tomatoes off of mine. I had a grape on my plate and Avi came and stole the grape. She then grabbed one of the tomatoes that was burnt- it was blackened so I think she thought it was a grape. She took a bite and smiled she turned to Erin and gave her a big charcoal filled smile. We laughed that she like it. She chewed on it for what seemed like a whole minute. Then she took another bite and got to the part that was not burnt. At this point she realized she was not eating a grape. She spit it out- it was so funny!
-She has been such a love to me! She keeps coming up to me and giving me hugs. I LOVE it!
When I cradle her baby doll she comes to me and gets in my arms, so she can hold the baby and be cradled too.
-Her poop is looking better- so it looks like she is dealing with a milk allergy right now. She is still rashed, with a bumpy rash- so we are trying free and gentle huggies and not huggies brand. We put lavendar oil on and gave an oatmeal bath today. The surrounding redness has gone down, now we will see if the bumpy rash part goes away, if not we'll go to the doctor... With the rash looking better, the poop better, and her molar being broken in- she is a much happier baby. She was just so delightful today.
I read A Christmas Carol today. I had remembered it being short, but wow, really that is a fast read. At parts it feels almost funny to read because it is memorized from seeing the movies. It is a wonderful Christmas tale. I told Gunnar, (Ya! after two days of nothing I got to talk to him today!) I was reading it, and he laughed at me for reading it the day before Thanksgiving. But it is our book club book for the month, so I had to get it done before book club... that is in a couple of weeks :).
Erin is set up for Christmas, not that I have seen up stairs, but my tree is decorated. This evening I had the lights off in the room enjoyed the glow of the christmas lights on the tree. I know the Christmas tree upstairs is decorated and she put out her out door decorations. She told me Avi just loved them!
There is a part of me that doesn't want to do holidays. I am in bed and Gunnar is gone. It is funny- most of my life has not included Gunnar, but after only two years of holidays with him, I feel they are so empty without him.

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