Thursday, November 24, 2011

I ruined Christmas on Thanksgiving

So I ruined Christmas today. I checked Gunnar's e-mail to see if he had read my e-mail I had sent him the other day, and I noticed an e-mail that said something like Amazon Kindle Fire: now shipped. I was so upset he had bought a $200 dollar Kindle when I had gotten him a Kindle Touch for Christmas. It had just arrived in the mail yesterday! It was a big deal for me to order him the Kindle Touch. I do not buy expensive things. So it was a huge stretch for me to spend that much money on a present. I am also a believer in libraries, but Gunnar thinks they are really cool and it would be useful especially while he is over seas... It was tough for me, but when you are in love you do crazy things. To see the e-mail was like heart break- my great Christmas present now ruined! Plus I have just had a really tough last couple days being really mad at him for choosing to be gone. REALLY MAD. So this was like the straw on the camel's back. I cried. I ranted to Erin, and then he called. I said happy Thanksgiving, and we chatted about his Thanksgiving, and then I told him he had ruined Christmas. He asked how and I told him he had ordered a Kindle Fire when I had already gotten him a Kindle Touch. he said he had not, I responded I had seen the e-mail, he asked if I had read it- I had not- he told me it was just an advertisement. I opened it and it was an advertisement. I so embarrassed. I was the one who had ruined the Christmas surprise for Gunnar.
We went to mom's for Thanksgiving. It was delicious! Avi like the candied yams- yes, I let her eat candied yams, but at least she was eating a vegetable... stuffing, not the creamed peas, not the turkey, not the potatoes, bur once she saw the rolls the she not eat anything else till she had one. She also loved the fruit salad. One of my favorites, was the homemade cranberry sauce my mom made- it was new to this year. We had a brownie pumpkin pie with some ice cream for dessert- quite decadent. (Avi had yogurt with oatmeal for dessert- she loved it- she tried to pick up the bowl to lick it out, but it had a suction cup bottom so she wasn't able to get it off the tray.)
For dinner Aliea and Jaxon were on the piano bench, we had the kitchen table and a card table at the end. Avi was at the card table and Warren put across from her. Warren commented at being at the kid table, we corrected him to say he was not at the kid table, he was at the baby table :).
After dinner and dessert were over and Warren had gone home, everyone but Wayne and I went into the kitchen for a dance party. It was so cute! The kids were so funny. I really wished I could have been the one dancing with Avi, but Erin was good with her. Avi had fun, until she saw the pretzels, after which she just wanted a pretzel.

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