Saturday, November 19, 2011


I am moved down to the basement now. I use to be in the on the main floor in the front 'sitting room'. I was up there so I could be close to what was going on. I was, but I was in the corner. So we moved me down here so Avi would be more comfortable to stay and play with me- not as much for her to get into, and it keeps her close.
Most of the day the family was gone, so yes, I did feel a bit isolated, I wanted to know what Avi was up to in the morning, but Erin brought her down for a kiss good bye before they left. Later we had great success in having her down here playing with me!! Ya! We mainly played with the Fisher Price barn and Mr./Mrs. Potato Head- I was so proud of Avi- she has developed the eye/hand coordination to put the pieces in the holes. Yes, her potato head mostly consisted of ears, but it was marvelous she could do it! She also grabbed the hats and would but them on her head :).
I got quite the surprise for Avi and Erin today... it was a snowball! Thankfully it brushed right off the blanket I was on :). Avi got to take it into the tub to play with it while it melted. 
Today I worked on putting pictures of temples around matting the frame a Proclamation to the World. I am getting closer to finishing- I need to put some pictures in place so I can cut the final ones and make sure everything is fitting. While I worked on that I listened to Elder Utchdorf's, Forget Me Not.  
I took a shower today- it is sad that especially this week it is note worthy... do I admit how how many days it has been? I had missed Gunnar yesterday- he had been on line wanting to skype! but I had no way of knowing- we had dinner and moved my room while he was on... he had said he hoped we could talk today- so I was guessing that there might be a chance to skype. So after my shower I was debating- do I put make up on? So I can look nice for Gunnar. I was wondering, got on Facebook, just in case he was on, and he called on the phone, so I ended up glad I had not bothered with the make up (don't get me wrong- I like wearing make up- I just don't see the point of wearing it unless I am going out right now). I was so glad to be able to talk to him, I felt we started off well, but I don't think I handled the rest of conversation well. I was telling him I had looked into stuff for his schooling, and I wanted him to check out the links and this and that... I don't know, maybe I was being too bossy, I just didn't feel right when it came time to say good bye- which was a minute and half earlier than normal...
I watched some of Lost today. Gunnar and I stopped at season five because all the characters just seemed so crazy and immoral, but really I think we stopped just when it was getting good! I am in season six now. Yes, they are still crazy and immoral, but it is not the same as the other seasons... I paused my episode to get Avi ready for bed. Wow, I love that little girl. Earlier while we were playing we got a blanket and rolled her up in it- so she was bundled up. She loved it. So tonight I bundled her up after her diaper change and did the rest of our routine with the cutest little bundle.
I was enjoying watching Lost, but really that enjoyment is nothing compared to getting Avi ready for bed. I cannot believe how much I love her.
** I had a picture to put on, but I can't figure out how to get a picture off my camera on a Mac...

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