Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another hat and PT rejection

Well, I have watched a ridiculous amount of shows on the computer and just finished another hat for our little guy- I made a few changes, but I really enjoyed the pattern. I learned a new stitch and a new way of starting a project. I think it is adorable- I am excited for him to wear it! It is a Monkey ear hat.

I got to talk to Gunnar today. He was able to go to church this week- and he ended up singing- apparently he was singing with a few other guys before church and the bishop came up to them and asked to sing in meeting. It is truly amazing how quickly 15 minutes can go by. Every time he says it is time go I am shocked.
Ah, I was so addicted to looking at my split ends. I am so grateful I cut my hair right before bed rest. I have not been stuck looking at split ends so far- ugh I just glanced and saw a good one... I don't need to look again... I can resist... stupid split ends!
Yesterday, Erin was telling about the book she just finished- it was written by a man who lost his just after the birth of their daughter. The wife died because of a blood clot she got from bed rest. That was in 2008. That poor family! Well, a few minutes after hearing about the book I got a call from the physical therapist. He said my insurance had not authorized care- that is was not medically necessary. I told him it was ironic, from what I just had heard- he said if I do die from a blood clot, I can haunt them. I will be the ghost of Tri-Care.
Anyone who has done bed rest-really done bed rest (sometimes woman can get away with still being up- they just do it like house arrest)- knows how it destroys your body. I only had it for two months last time- my back hurt so bad after. It made my knees worse. Everything is stiff and sore, and you have no muscle, no energy... Yes, last time I did some light exercises and stretches- it is just really nice and comforting to have a professional be able to tell you what is safe for your baby and how to really deal and counter act some affects of bed rest. Oh well, at least I got one visit- so I know some tricks to help

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