Sunday, November 6, 2011


Well, Avi is going to have to carry the rest of the family on her spiritual strength, because she is the only one going to church... Gunnar thought he would be able to, but something came up. Goodness, our apostate family!
I read some the general conference Ensign. Elder Holland's talk in the priesthood session is so powerful. I have felt some apprehension having a boy in our world filled with filth. I pray he will follow the counsel of the gospel and keep himself clean. That he will be able to worthily answer his call to serve a mission. I thought it so exciting Elder Holland said there needs to be tens of thousands more missionaries out there! The work is going to progress and escalate!
I was able to talk to Gunnar for a few minutes. I talked to his mom today about how it is kind of funny talking to him, because it is so one sided. I don't know if Gunnar is just following his training, or going over board with being careful, but really he tells me nothing! If I do get something out of him, it is really vague. So our conversations are usually me just talking to him. Yes, I am a talker, but after this long, conversations don't feel exactly fulfilling with only one person talking all the time. Okay, in his defense he did tell me how he was trying to organize the book shelves over there- it was almost strange to have something to listen to. I am sure when he comes back I will have a hard time listening to him talk- and I bet he will have a hard time adjusting to having a family around. We had been working at over coming that before he left- I am afraid any progress made from him learning he is not a bachelor anymore will be gone...Good thing we love each other.
Well, that was probably TMI...
I worked on a photo book. I am amazed how much time it takes!! But it was free!
Avi has been folding her arms a lot the last two days. Sometimes I'll say a little prayer with her. Sometimes I think she is anxious for food (okay when is she not- I think she is going through a growth spurt!) and also it is a new thing she has learned to do.
When she wakes up happy from a nap she is content to play in her bed for a while. I love 'spying' on her with the video monitor. She is just soo cute! Today she took off her pants and was very proud of herself, yesterday she took off her socks and threw them out of the bed- looked where they landed and said, "Uh-Oh".
I had felt a bit down from not talking to Gunnar two days in a row, then I was able to talk to him for a little bit last night and this morning. After this morning's chat I wondered why I still felt a bit down. I looked out the window at the lightly snowed covered outdoors and realized- I am pregnant, on bed rest, it is winter, and my husband is across the world and irregularly briefly talks to me- no wonder I feel a bit down sometimes!

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