Sunday, November 20, 2011

Come Thou Fount... video

I got to Face book chat with Gunnar today. So that makes since last Sunday we have talked three times on the phone and face booked once. - averaging every other day. Not too bad, but my pessimistic side says that it is pathetic- a wife should be able to talk to her husband everyday! But hey at least we live in a time of modern technology!
I found this video on the blog that had ideas from the last Relief Society lesson in the ward. First of all, I love this song, second of all, it has a great shot of Uncle John, on Gunnar's side.
I had my visiting teacher come today!! They are very nice. They each have done bed rest too- well, one did one week and the other two weeks- does that really count?? Yes, it does, but it certainly is not the same as being down for months...
Little Avi's nose is running and she seems just slightly fevered. Goodness this poor kid- diaper rash coming and going like crazy, poop outs all the time, a little rash by her ear- looked better today, either a B12 deficiency or geographic tongue, molar coming in... Yet, she is still a pretty happy little kid. I don't think she'll ever out grow her sensitive skin. Well, I like hypoallergenic soaps and lotions better anyway.
I have a headache that is not really going away it started last night. I took a nap today, it helped, but it is still lingering. Hum, this is the longest I have ever had. I am pretty lucky that I usually have short headaches, so this is perplexing to me.
Erin put up a Christmas tree in my room- it is not decorated- just up. Avi was fascinated! Avi loves to play with balls. I think they and little cars are her favorites right now. Erin was telling me the other day when they were out they went to several different places- Avi loved it. We think Avi has the explorer spirit. She loves being out and going. She gets restless when she is in one place too long.
Did I mention I am 25 weeks now :)

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