Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Family Home Evening and complaining

Couldn't sleep till five a.m. the other night. Ugh. I don't understand why pregnancy is has to be so uncomfortable. The baby has found new ways to cause me pain, plus all the general pains I have been dealing with already. Start with morning sickness, then suffer some more... gosh good thing I love my babies, else I think I would really be done.
Last night I taught Family Home Evening. We talked about the first Thanksgiving, read a scripture on gratitude, then wrote down something we were thankful for on a strip of paper. We put it in a container and played pictionary and had to guess who's was who's, then we put them back in the container and played charades with them. Best moments-
1. Jaxon's was a bus driver. He happened to pick his for the pictionary round. He drew a man. We guessed several things- including a bus driver, but that was not it, he said- it was Jack Sparrow.
2. Wayne got the word family- so for his picture he drew a family of turkeys.
3. Erin got the word diaper- she drew Avi- with a diaper and tickling her belly- since that is what Avi loves to do when she is getting her diaper change- she had a word bubble saying "tickle, tickle..." since Ave says that as she tickles her belly. It is so funny- because Avi says it in the funniest voice- it is a throaty nasal voice- if that makes any sense.
4. Because of Erin's drawing, when Aliea got the word diaper for charades, she just tickled her belly.
5. and final- Aliea and Jaxon got together to do the last charade- it was Jaxon's bus driver. So they went off to plan how they were going to act it out. They came out with Jaxon riding on Aliea's back- Aliea was the bus.

I have been working on a crocheted jacket for the baby. The pattern has been the most confusing I have ever worked with. I am almost finished- sewed it together, to find out it is a joke. The body and sleeves are okay, the neck is ridiculously large! I think I am giving up- I think I am just going to take it apart and use the yarn for something else- I just don't like that because then the next item with have a lot of tied together pieces... humph!
It is pathetic how tired and sick I feel after playing with Avi for probably a half hour. How in the world am I going to take care of her and the new baby after three more months of bed rest?

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