Thursday, November 17, 2011

Avi has a molar!

Avi's first molar has broken through! I was wondering... I thought it looked like her lower left gums looked like they could be preparing, and she has been more fussy and asking for "nanas"- her word for food a ton- I wonder if it because her mouth has been bothering her. I feel like she is so grown up- getting a molar!
I think my belly has had an additional "pop" I believe it is bigger. That is the second in the a week, I hope I don't end up with too many stretch marks.
I made our little guy this cute newborn ball cap. While staying up way too late watching some of season 5 of Lost.
Kesten came by yesterday to visit. It is amazing to have a friend like her. We have been friends for 14 years now, even through me living in five different states and going through, well, I don't know how many moves... What a blessing.
Book club was last night. There was a good sized group. It was a party! We had read The Giver. I had not read it for years. It thought it was an interesting mix of those that believe they die in the end and those that don't. For some there was no question, other like me debate it.

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