Tuesday, November 1, 2011


 Avi in Jaxon's Jack Sparrow hat.
 tried to get pictures of Avi on Halloween...
Poor Avi has a bit of a cold. Aliea is throwing up. Erin has a sore throat. I hope I can stay well! Today Erin was out running errands- one of which was to turn in the Halloween candy for money! Avi made her first $2!! What an industrious 15 month old!
Erin said since it was cold she put Avi's hat on her. Avi cried and try to fight it, but then they went out in the cold- Avi was shocked. She was grabbing at her face as if she was wondering what the strange horrible things on her face was- this cold air!
Avi was tinkerbell for Halloween! What a cutie!! I was perfectly delighted- she was adorable! I went with her to one house. The candy bowl was out and Jaxon just grabbed a piece for her and put it in her bucket- not how I had imagined it going, but at least I got to see her first house! Erin and Wayne said she held onto her little bucket for the rest of the night and was very good at putting the candy in it. She did try eating a few pieces, but they told her no and she stopped.

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