Monday, November 28, 2011

hats and poop everywhere

Back to Erin's house. Poor Avi is officially allergic to milk. We had stopped giving it to her for about the last week, and yesterday without thinking I shared my granola with her. About twenty minutes after she was fussy and just wanted to lay with me. For the rest of the day she basically had diarrhea. Poor kid!
While at mom's I finished the fourth book to Work and the Glory, made a bear ear hat for the little guy and for Avi, and had lots of good snuggle time with Avi. Oh! and the excitement of the weekend- Avi's rash is getting better, but it is still a bit there, so I while I was getting her ready for bed one night- I let her air out. She was so cute running around naked! She went over to my mom's door and peeked into her room and was saying "boo". It took mom a minute to see her, when she saw her she told Avi to come in. In pushed the door slightly open. Avi was still standing in the hall, and I saw a little piece of brown starting to come out of her rear end...I panicked! I grabbed a wipe and ran over. A little late- plop on the floor. I wiped her bum and scooped her up- more poop fell- falling onto my pants and the ground. My mom was to be by that time- asking to take Avi- I was so panicked- it suddenly hit me- I am on bed rest! I am not suppose to be up! or picking up Avi! Sweet mom cleaned up and I got back in bed and got Avi ready for bed.
Tonight Erin took Avi with her family to Trafalga. Avi surprisingly did not like the carousel-it was a favorite for her at Disneyland. Avi enjoyed being her in the little umbrella stroller- I was also shocked, she usually get tired of being in a stroller rather quickly.
I made a really really cute owl baby hat for the baby today. It took me all day! but I am really pleased with the results, when I figure out pictures- I will put one on. I combined so many patterns and did my own changes, that I don't think it worth it to link to the patterns I used.
I got to talk to Gunnar today. He asked me what we should name the baby. He shot down my ideas and didn't have any of his own- because he doesn't have any name books over there... I have sent him suggestions in the past too, but he doesn't like any yet. I am honestly thinking I am just going to decide something for myself. But it was great to talk to him. Avi even got to say hi and talked to him a little bit- it was rather adorable... we probably shouldn't tell him when she was saying "dada" she was pointing to an Elmo book...
Last night I watched some Mormon Messages on YouTube. They are so good! I was really hit by "My New Life", it is about a woman who survived an accident, but was disfigured due to burns. It really hit me because I worry that my husband doesn't really find me very attractive... The woman seems like a truly great person. I loved her perspective on the privilege and importance of motherhood.
I am 26 weeks now. I have been through five weeks of bed rest- I have ten to go. It is too bad bed rest is not a linear experience. It is more exponential experience of discomfort. But after this week we are into the single digits of weeks left, and for a how cute this little guy is going to be- it is totally worth it!

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