Friday, July 8, 2011

Animal Adventures

I have yet to get my room settled so I slept in my mom's bed last night. This morning when Avi first woke I brought her into bed with me to catch some more sleep. When Avi was ready to get up she started to talk to us in whispers and climbed over to cuddled up next to my mom. Grandma was charmed! I lucked out that she got up with Avi and let me sleep a few minutes more. It is amazing how tiring motherhood is!
Later, I found out the referral to see the doctor in American Fork was not done correctly, so it will need to be redone-several calls later- hopefully it will be taken care of on Monday.
I laid Avi down for her mid morning nap and happened to fall asleep too (I should start going to bed earlier, I guess). Emily, my sister, came to get me to tell me Jennica has fainted at work and needed to be picked up. We had just fallen asleep so I debated whether to take Avi or not. I crossed my fingers she would take a long nap and headed out the door. When I got to Salt Lake I called to find out Avi had just woken up and amazingly was doing okay!! Avi is usually kind of grumpy and only wants her mom when she wakes up, but thankfully she loves the outdoors and animals- so she was content to be with her aunty Em and the family cat Alice. Jennica was still a bit nauseated and light headed. I was glad to be able to pick her up. I brought her back to our mom's place so she could eat and I could get home to Avi. Mom got home from meetings drove Jennica down to clinic on BYU campus so she could get checked out.
Erin came later to pick Avi and me up to go to Hee Haw's. We went on the hay ride- very exciting. Avi was fascinated by the man on the tractor, when he started the engine she would not look away. As the ride progressed Avi got more comfortable and adventuresome. She played in the hay and tried to eat some- kind of made me nervous, because there was a plant growing out of the hay... We then went to the petting area. Avi petted some goats and a pony. She was a little weary of the pony, maybe she remembered the horses she had seen at her grandparent's Nelson house (she had been so cute- she would reach out for them, but once the horse got close she would cross her arms against her chest and lean back as far as possible.) When we went into the pen there were sheep, goats, chickens (I posted an ugly chicken for the Hendrix), and bunnies. Avi liked watching the baby goat the best. There wasn't much of a farmers' market there yet- all we saw for produce was watermelon.
At dinner time Avi was rather funny. She is not a pacifier baby. She thinks of them more as a toy and gets upset if we try to use it to calm her. I had pulled one out to see if maybe she would be interested in playing with it and it was in her high chair. I gave her a bowl of baby food. She stuck the pacifier in and ate a bit with that. I also fed her yogurt, cheese, and green beans. As the meal moved along she got more and more relaxed in her chair (admittedly I am horrible mother at times and I do not strap her in...) finally her foot was up and she lazily reached out for the green beans from my bowl- food is always better if it is someone else's :).
I got to talk briefly to Gunnar tonight. It was getting later and he had said we might be able to skype tonight so I had been expecting his call in the early evening. I started to despair, thinking I would not be able to talk with him, but finally my call made it through, though he did not have internet, we were able to talk on the phone. Wow, I am so addicted to that guy!! I keep telling myself, "Two months, just two months. I can make it..."

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