Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Best thing today: This evening I was reading to Avi her Thumper book. In the end it has ducks, frogs and of course bunnies. I pointed to the frogs and ducks and made their sounds. And then Avi pointed to a duck and said "quack"!! It was sooo adorable!! After I read her a book with pictures of animals- again I made their noises- when I got to the elephant Avi tried to make the same noise I did. She is such an amazing little girl!!
Avi's photo book arrived today :). It had just missed us when we moved so I had to send some e-mails so it could get sent to us. What a beautiful baby I have. If anyone knows of any good deals let me know- I need to make another- I only could fit her first three months into this one- so I need to do a four to twelve months next.
This evening mom and I went outside to enjoy the lovely weather. We tried passing the volleyball back and forth a bit- tried is the key word. Then we sat and enjoyed the fresh air and chatting.
I made broiled tilapia for dinner- yum! It is broiled with unhealthy tastiness- butter, mayo, feta cheese, lemon juice, and spices. We had it with rice and stir fried garden peas. Avi even liked the fish :).
Erin and the kids came by around lunch time. Aliea and Jaxon took Avi out and with each holding one of her hands to help her walk a bit- but it was rather tiring for them. Erin, mom and I played round of bananagrams- mom won :).
Avi and I took a bath this morning. Avi got a kick out the jetted tub. She liked the way the jets moved her plastic duck around in the water.
Last night was bad. Avi was up several time between ten and two- finally around two she would not give up- so I took her out and nursed her on one side, then put her back in her bed. I left the room, hoping it would help her sleep. She kept crying. Then my mom got up and got her out. they walked and sat, finally I took her back, nursed her on the other side and rocked her to sleep for a long time till she was really a sleep. I put her back in- she cried a little bit, but finally went to sleep to sleep to about seven. I was so tired today!! I took naps with Avi.

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