Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kesten Visited

I am already getting more delinquent in blogging, but Gunnar got the internet, so we have been able communicate more, so I think it okay.
I just finished half of a peanut butter and banana sandwich. YUM. They are lately one of my favorite snacks. Erin was over today and made us one of the best ever pb and banana sandwiches! Kesten was over with her kids and it was her first time trying one- I am glad she got to start on such a great one!
It was so nice to have Kesten and her kids and Erin and her kids over- it made for party time! Jaxon and I went out before Kesten came and passed a soccer ball back and forth- Avi thought it was so cool! She would happily watch, and then try to crawl to the ball.
Later Malachi and Isaiah were playing out in the play house and Avi climbed about half way up the slide! She is really learning to climb- I hope she doesn't do it too much...
I love to hold Kesten's little girl Sariah, 2 month old! I hadn't realized how much my little Avi has grown, until I saw Sariah.
I did not go to work out class, so we took a longer walk tonight- mom started us on an evening walk tradition when Jaxon and Aliea slept over. Near the end of our walk Avi got tired of being in her stroller, so took her out. She is not as little as she use to be! She ended up riding on the adult cup holder area- which she loved.

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