Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Today I ran errands. Every errand seemed to take about twice as long as it should, but I was so blessed that Avi took a really long nap and my mom was able to watch her- what a difference it makes to not have to cart her in and out of her car seat and wrestle her while we waited for an oil change that took an hour!
I can't believe my baby is turning one in two days!!(She just maybe has seen her birthday presents I got her today- I am no fun) I cheated today and let her try milk- not her favorite- she kind had one or two sips- at least she did not try to spit it out like she does juice.
I was able to catch Gunnar with reception, which never happens. He was out at a shooting range. It is ridiculous how much my sanity depends on talking to him. I honestly want to talk whoever is in charge of him and explain- I really have to talk to him everyday, please make sure he has time and does call me :). I am sure they would understand....
It was the perfect weather for a walk tonight. We walked further then originally planned- it was just soo nice to be outside. My mom came with us, which was fabulous, because I whimped out at the end and she pushed the stroller.

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