Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gunnar and baby steps

Last night Avi was up again- over an hour and half in the middle of the night. It reminded me of how tired I was when she was a new born- my heart goes out to parents of new borns!!
Today we walked in the morning with mom. Avi had a bit of hard time, but thankfully singing calmed her down- "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" is magical.
Gunnar was able to text some today- he said he would be able to probably call later. I prayed he would be still be able to communicate after he had been moved to his new training location. I kind of assumed since the Lord has been so good at answering my prayers lately and Gunnar thought he could that he would call today, but no call. I took it better than I thought (watched some "Monk" with mom to distract)- really the Lord did still answer- I just prayed he would communicate- and I got the texts.
My sister and her family came by last week, and something had occurred that she was upset with her husband. It reminded me that I use to get upset at Gunnar a lot more- One advantage of him being gone: my demands of him are way down. I don't get upset with him if the trash is not taken out, or if he gets home later then expected...
Today I dreamed he had come home, just on a break. I was asking him how he got to come home earlier then expected. I hugged him to make sure I was not dreaming- I checked to make sure I could really feel him- I did. I kissed him- I could feel that too. With all the checking I made to make sure it wasn't a dream- I was really shocked when I woke up. It really made me miss him.
Before we were married I had had a dream with him in it, after I told him he was my "dream man". I have had dreams as we have been married, but now I feel he is really my "dream husband".
Avi has been so smillie and giggley. She is a joy to play with. She loves to be tickled! and to play peek a boo- usually by her crawling into another room and then back to you. Today while I was in the other room Erin called for me. When I came in, she said I had missed Avi taking two steps!! Erin had been helping her walk to Jaxon. Erin said she had let go and Avi took the two by herself to get to him. We tried to get her to do it again, but to no success. I didn't see it- I am not going to count it as her first step...
I went to the dentist today, so Avi had two walks- Emily took her on one while I was gone. It is nice to have family to babysit!
I made pasta salad for dinner.

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