Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 9

July 13, 2011
In the morning I went for a walk with Avi. I made calls while I was walking- it was good to chat and I was able to take a longer walk. Avi fell asleep while we were walking. I was glad she got the sleep, but I have admit I was a bit sad because I usually nap with her- and I missed my morning nap...
Later Avi and I went out side. I was trying to juggle the soccer ball. Avi was fascinated. After a while she wanted a turn with the ball. I let her use the soccer balls while I tried over hand serves with the volleyball (Gunnar loves volleyball, so I hope I can improve my skills while he is away)- to my horror one serve hit her!! It hit her leg as she was kneeling, and perhaps the soccer ball protected her a bit- she just looked at me and paused playing with her balls. She found she liked to play with volleyball better, because it is lighter.
She later crawled over by the fruit tree where there was new soil laid- she sat on the grass and rubbed her feet in the dirt. It was adorable.
I made curry chicken rice salad for dinner.
I was able to talk to Gunnar. As he has been away talking to him has been good but hard- it has made me miss him more, plus we are out of the habit of talking on the phone to each other, so there sometimes was awkward pauses... It made me ache to be with him. I think I am getting better, there were pauses this time, but I was more okay with them- it actually gave him more of an opportunity to talk. I didn't feel as empty after the call.

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