Sunday, July 10, 2011

No Pictures

Well no pictures today, but I wish we could have taken some at church! During the sacrament Avi had her eye on the tray, as she usually does now she has learned what's in it. The young men lined up behind our bench. Avi was reaching out for the tray, the young man inched it away from her. She was climbing up the bench and me to try to get to it, her little fingers reaching as far as they could go. When the other young men got in line behind the first, she gave up on the first and tried reaching for the tray behind. She did this both times. I was greatly entertained!!
During Sunday school she was playing with her books. She was standing at a chair, with her toys on it. She would knock her book to the floor and pick it back up. One time she knocked it down and when she squatted to pick it up her skirt covered it. She gave a funny look, stood back up to be able to see it again, and then squatted again to get it, only to have her skirt cover it again. She did this several times, even knocking it a bit, but only to be more hidden by her skirt.
The fun did not end there- in Relief Society a sister brought in her two infant car seats for her twins and put it behind where she was sitting- which was in front of us. I could not have come up with a better toy. Avi went back and forth between the two, eventually she was able to climb into one. She lounged in it backwards, sideways, the correct way, and sideways again. She is so fun.
This afternoon we got to skype with Gunnar. I saw something I thought I would never see- Gunnar's head basically bald!! I knew he was going to get it short, but I did not think he would do it that short!! Well he is still my handsome man, I just have to adjust to the change. I love to see him, but it does make me miss him a lot. I just want to hold him and never let go.
His intense training is starting this week I am hoping we can at least get a text every day.
Avi and I played with her floaty ring- I would put it around my face and then try to drop it onto her head. I love her laugh! Then we got out an exercise ball- we pounded on it and chased each other around it- one of our favorite games.
She was so tired this evening, starting about six- her nap schedule was shot by church. I put her down around seven. Poor kid, she always wakes up when I put her down in her bed and cries, but it is worse in this house because everything connects and sound travels so she cries longer. I hate hearing that scream.
I was kind of a neglectful mother this evening. Mom and Em played Pit and Bananagrams with me- Avi was fine during Pit, but she was getting tired as we played Bananagrams- I just tried throwing her blueberries to keep her happy. - oh which reminds me- this morning she had a poopy diaper and her little bottom was stained blue!! It still is a bit! Either the blueberries or the grape juice from yesterday...
Last night I went to bed around midnight. Around two I heard a rumbling- I had been dreaming that Avi was crawling around I thought the rumbling was her falling or something falling near her. In my dream she had gone out of my sight. I jumped out bed, unable to see her and bolted for the door I opened it up asking, "Where is my baby?" My mom came into the hall perplexed (she had been up, unable to sleep) and Avi behind me in the dark room, in her bed, got up and cried. The rumbling had been thunder.
I had to use the restroom, mom picked Avi up while I was in there, so I went ahead and just put Avi in bed with me- wow, again a reminder of why she does not sleep with me anymore- we were up so much!! Finally daylight about seven we got out of bed and got ready for church.

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