Sunday, July 17, 2011


Best Bites' 7 layer Greek dip is so good! I made it for a family dinner tonight and wow! Everyone loved it. It was very summery. We had it with flatbread chips from Costco- love the chips! We did grilled pizza's- mom made the crust, and I cut most the toppings. Jennica brought juice and watermelon, Erin brought peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. It was a good.
I got to skype with Hendrix tonight- I have found the problem with this blog- I blog so much, I don't have much to talk about... well, please forgive me if you hear the same stuff from me!!
Avi loves to climb all over Jaxon! She would crawl up to his chest- push him over and then slither down and roll over his leg on her back, then back up to push him down- they are hilarious! It is nice to have Aliea and Jaxon over, I feel like I can get stuff done.
Uh! Church is crazy with Avi- wow she is so funny! Never have I seen anyone so intent and focused on the sacrament-trays. Avi watches them like a hawk and moves up and down our bench to follow them. I do feed this child- I bring her snacks and water, but nothing can beat those silver trays.
The High councilor this week spoke on adversity- he talked about his son who had a stroke when about five years ago- I think he was about ten. The boy was in a coma for a while, had to have several brain operations, has had to relearn to talk. In the last five years he has had to relearn to walk I think four times... When the stroke happened they had a four month old baby- who had to be taken care of by the ward so they could care for their older son, now five years later, that little boy was just diagnosed with muscular dystrophy! Oh, my word!! this poor family! Okay really are my trials so hard?? We are spoiled!!
Even so, would I choose to do this again? NO. Do I pray after Gunnar gets out of school he will have a job that doesn't require him to travel much? YES.
Last night in our crazy skype Gunnar mentioned there aren't any decent pictures of me- aka- poor guy probably tried to show a picture of me to a guy out there- and well, that guy probably felt pretty bad for Gunnar. I am afraid since Avi has come along I have been quite the frump and the only pictures we usually take- if you haven't already picked on this- is of her... so today we took some of me- I don't think I am meant for a modeling career, but I hope I don't scare anymore of the guys Gunnar is with...

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