Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clapping and Puppets

July 6th our grand adventure out was going to the library in Eagle Mountain. They have an adorable puppet show for the kids to play with. They have some really neat puppets- a huge lion and elephant, a dragon (Jaxon's personal favorite), "Where the Wild Things Are" characters, other animals, etc... Avi was crawling around it, trying to climb up it. Right before we left a group of children arrived. Avi was smooshed into the corner of the window, but she did fight for herself- when she got pushed out of the window- she stuck up her hand and pushed the little girl's head next her till she was back in.
Avi also enjoyed pulling books and videos off the shelf and trying to eat them. Her favorite to try to eat was an Aladin movie.
Later that afternoon Erin's two year old (and her mom) neighbor gave us permission to use their baby swing. It was a hit. Avi loved being swung fast and high, as the swing and her mom would allow. I tried getting her out after a little while, but she held on tight and would not come out, so she got some more swinging time.
This day was also a big day because Avi learned to clap! Aliea, Jaxon, and the two year old neighbor, Alex, were doing a 'parade' in Erin's house. Erin and I were clapping for them- Avi was watching Erin and started to try while holding an object in her hand. After the parade was done the kids went down stairs so I could put Avi down for a nap. I laid her down and she started to clap- needless to say her nap was delayed. She would clap and I would squeal with delight and give her kisses- we had fun. She is funny because now she will not clap if I try to get her to clap, but she will if someone else does.

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