Saturday, July 9, 2011


I feel defeated by my war on stains on Avi's clothes. I use an average of three stain removers on her clothes, run the clothes through the 'stain' cycle on the washing machine, and still after one wear Avi's onsies are stained. My poor child is doomed to ghetto clothes. Thank goodness she has a million dollar smile- she can distract everyone from looking at her clothes with it ;).
Today I was finally able to organize my room- mostly, still work to be done, but I feel it is beginning to look like a room . I got Avi's oxyclean (the bucket dumped over everything in the move) covered stuff animals in the wash so she can play with them. I was also able to to some house cleaning, prep some veggies for chicken salad, and made quiche for dinner. Finally, a somewhat productive day!!
I was very glad the quiche was a hit- spinach, mushroom, feta cheese yumminess. We had Erin and her family, and Warren, my brother, over for dinner. We had the quiche with salad and a fabulous bread from costco- Black cracked pepper and blue cheese. Mom made flag cake- so we were really spoiled. Avi enjoyed lots of fresh blue berries. She really loves them! She also liked the quiche. Oh, she actually ate oatmeal this morning- maybe because I mixed it with some watered down grape juice.... but hey she ate it and it is 100% grape juice.
This morning we went for a walk. First I cleaned the oxyclean out of the stroller... We just walked around the neighborhood, there is a very nice trail that follows the river- or would you call it a ditch? Well the rushing water and trees were a lovely sight and the shade was welcome. I was shocked how out of shape I am. There is the slightest incline and I was feeling it. I have really slacked off since my knee has not fully recovered from surgery, but I think I have now maybe given it too much rest. It is a fine line either working it too much or not enough- I have yet to learn the balance.
When Erin came over she played with Avi by spinning Avi when she laid in her floaty ring. Avi then would want to stand up for a second and then lay back down to be spun again. The more they did it the shorter the time between standing- Avi was so funny!! And the wonders of a $1 toy!
Avi is really loving her Grandma. She is readily going from my arms into hers and snuggles up to her.
I got to talk to Gunnar on the phone for a bit today. Happy day! Hopefully we get to skype tomorrow.
The American Fork Steel Days' fireworks were tonight. We went to the street to watch them. It was a good show. I tried to imagine music to them- like they do at Disneyland. I don't think the magic and beauty of fireworks ever really fades.

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