Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July

On the Fourth of July I was out weeding in the morning. Avi kept busy by picking parts of leaves off plants, playing in the dirt, and trying to eat rocks. Eventually Grandma Dorsey came out with some toys to distract. She played for a bit with them, then found the slide her cousins had played with the day before, and she tried to climb that-thankfully unsuccessfully. After a while she came over with me again to eat dirt and rocks- with amount of bugs in the dirt I am sure she must have had some protein as well. Thankfully no choking yet, but I have fought her to get rocks out of her mouth that I deemed dangerous. She later found the sprinkler watering the garden formed a big mud puddle with lots of water. She sat down in the water and splashed and played- she was completely covered in mud! I weeded around her, and again fought her on eating rocks. She was so cute! I use to worry about her getting enough iron and minerals since she does not like cereals very well, but I guess I no longer need to worry!

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