Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Avi Fun and Great Dinner

quick, it is late- I'll add pictures soon
June 18th
Went to a work out class at the church with my mom and Avi. I had some mom indignation because the kids there did not play with my baby, took a toy from her, and wouldn't let her take a turn on the play boat. Boy, I really wanted Avi to beat them up- but she was a good girl and didn't even cry or hurt anyone... I never thought I would want my baby to beat someone up, but the feelings came.
Avi is working on three teeth now!! Wow, what a girl!! the top right has been coming in since we went to Idaho to see Gunnar's family before he left and now two more bottom teeth are coming in. She is working to be an eight tooth baby!!
We went to Erin's, played with the cousins- Avi loves them!!! Went the the Eagle Mountain Splash pad. Avi does not like getting splashed, but she did enjoy trying to pick out the rocks and grass out of the water. Erin has a slide that her kids set up on their stairs, they put it lower on the stairs so it isn't very steep. Avi loved it because she could actually climb up it. She would climb halfway and turn around to go down, She loved it :). I trimmed Erin's hair. We even did a little bang. What a brave sister I have.
I made Bajio Shrimp tacos. Oh, man!! Emily said they were a 5 for 5 and mom said they were a 7 out of 5... and to think Gunnar doesn't really like them!

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