Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not even two weeks yet...

Today I weeded. Avi played with the balls, rocks and tried getting into Grandma's raised garden boxes. We played in the sprinkler a bit, but she did not like it when I moved it- I got her a little too much. We took a bath. Then Erin's family came over. Avi loves Jaxon- mainly because he is the closest to her size. Aliea felt a little bad because she likes him more, but I am sure when Avi is older they will grow closer.
Emily played Bananagrams with me- I called that I had won to find out I had mixed up a letter so Emily won by default! We made fajitas- yum, the spices didn't blend quite right, but it was still very good.
Avi is the cutest pianist!! She gets on her tip toes to reach up and play- she loves to play!! When I hold her in my lap to play she likes to grab my hands and "help" me to play.
Avi has used up her size two diapers and is officially into her size three- they seem so grown up- the print on them seems less babyish. She is almost one. I love her so much!!
Longing for Gunnar, but thankful to be with family. Time has slowed down!! The days go by fairly well, but the week is dragging. It has not even been two weeks yet...
I just got to skype with Gunnar- the microphone was on the wrong setting so he couldn't hear me, but it was like eating after fasting. I feel so much better.

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  1. I love that size three diapers seem more grown-up and less babyish to you. Those not so baby, baby diapers! Just wait till she is potty trained and there is no more fluffy bum!