Friday, May 25, 2012


Gage has RSV. Thankfully he is getting better, for a few days there he would hardly eat. I am grateful for doctors, that Gage didn't have to be hospitalized, for the suction clinic, for nebulizers... I am looking forward to both my kids being completely well- Avi still has a runny nose and a cough.
The other day I was stretching my legs as I was laying in the bed next to Gage. I had put my legs up in the air and was rolling my ankles when I looked over and saw a huge grin on Gage's face. I moved my feet around- he loved it! Today I counted to five with my fingers, and when I reached five I would tickle Gage and Avi as they were lying next to each other. Gage was so cute- he would laugh when I was counting!
Waiting for Gunnar to get home. It is funny but I have a mixture of feelings. I am very excited to have him home, but I am also fighting that internal habit I have formed to convince myself I don't really want him home. I am finding out that it was probably not the best tactic to consoling myself in his absence...

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