Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back to Idaho for minute

We are back up to Idaho. Gage holds himself up on his forearms very well when he does tummy time. He is over three months old! I can't believe how time is passing. Gage is a social little guy, he will smile if you just give him attention- poor guy needs all he can get, with a princess older sister. Avi likes to tickle him, say hi, give monster hugs, kiss him, and point out his cheeks, nose, and especially his eyes. She will sing to him with me.
We have all been sick since Thursday. Avi has been the worse off, poor kid. I have been thankful for Liz to help at night, when Gage is crying, she will take Avi so I can take care him, and she even lets me sleep in the mornings when I am up with Avi!
We are all getting better, the weather has been lovely, maybe a bit hot, but it has been so nice to go outside. We played with bubbles, went on the swings, jumped a bit in puddles from the irrigation.
I took some three months pictures of Gage today- I will have to post them some day... my camera is broken, so I borrowed Micheal's, Gunnar's dad. I missed mine, but I was happy to take some pictures.
I have been trying recipes from ourbestbites.com- oh my word! I love them! I have yet to find a recipe i do not love. Their seven layer Greek dip- great party hit, the Thai chicken noodle salad- I could eat every day! we just had the beans and rice with apple salsa- yum, Brazilian limeades- fun summer drink, their stir fry was nice... I can't wait to keep trying their recipes!
I found a really fantastic Indian Shepards pie in my Kiwi magazine, and yummy breakfast cookie in the Parents magazine- Yes, my life consists, of kids, cleaning, and cooking right now...
I did just finish the last book of Fablehaven- finally finished. It is a fun series.
I have loved the exercise classes available at the church in Utah. It is so nice to get out, make friends, have Avi play with other kids, and I have even been feeling stronger!
I was able to go over to girl's house- I had known in high school. It turns out her husband is in the military and she has a friend, who is pregnant, has an 18 month old and her husband just got to Afghanistan- sounds familiar! Her friend came over and we all cried a little. It was nice to be able to talk to others that know what you are going through.

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